Texas Lions Camp wins $5,000 donation in Safeco Insurance® Make More Happen Contest

We couldn't have done it without your help!

Your votes helped to make Texas Lions Camp the runner-up in the Safeco Insurance® Make More Happen Contest, which means Texas Lions Camp will receive $5,000 to further its great work in the community.

The $5,000 check from Safeco is in addition to the $3,000 donation that Safeco is giving to Texas Lions Camp on behalf of Preferred Personal Insurance Agency. You see, Preferred Personal Insurance Agency was selected this spring for a Safeco Insurance Make More Happen Award because of our volunteerism and support of Texas Lions Camp.

And there's more! Because online voting in the three-week contest exceeded the goal of 25,000 votes, Safeco is contributing an additional $500 to all charities featured in the Make More Happen Contest, bringing the total to $8,500 that Texas Lions Camp will receive on our behalf.

We couldn't be prouder!

Or more thankful.

Whether you're a volunteer who supported our project with Texas Lions Camp, or someone who voted for us in the online event, you've helped to make a huge difference in the community. We can't thank you enough.

You can see all the winners and Make More Happen Award recipients at http://www.safeco.com/about-safeco/community/agent-giving/make-more-happen.

As always, if you'd like to learn how to volunteer with or support Texas Lions Camp, please visit www.lionscamp.com.